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Client A1
I am now 9 months post-op and I have lost approximately 60 percent of my excess body weight, or about 110 pounds. My rate of loss has slowed significantly, but by sticking with healthy foods and incresing my exercise, I expect to continue losing at a slower rate for many more months and have high hopes of eventually reaching my goal weight. It was amazing how quickly my medical problems were alleviated, and all of my co-morbidities are gone or greatly reduced - no more sleep apnea, GERD or incontinence, and I can now walk for miles, can climb stairs without difficulty and do the things most normal people do. As an early post-op, like many others, I fought with spells of nausea and other issues related to learning the limits of my new, smaller stomach. As a result of the bypass, I physically can't eat many of my old "favorites" as I now have a low tolerance for fats and dump when I eat too much sugar. These limitations have helped me develop healthier eating patterns and broken me from former habits of eating fast food and other unhealthy options, and I believe these changes will stick with me even as I get further out from my surgery and continue to be able to eat more and tolerate other food items better. I truly believe that having this surgery has saved my life and I am committed to following through with my post-op regiment to be as successful as I can be.
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