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Atherectomy Overview

Atherectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that removes plaque from blood vessels—performed with a laser or a rotating shaver. It is considered an alternative to an angioplasty in which a balloon is inflated to open the blood vessels, and stents are places to support the vessel walls.

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Is atherectomy painful?

It has been reported that the tiny incision is not very painful, but you may feel tenderness in that area for a bit. Be sure to follow wound instructions to minimize complications as an infection can be painful. 

How long does an atherectomy take?

The atherectomy procedure typically takes about 2 hours to complete. Hospital stay is about one to two days. If you had an atherectomy as an emergency treatment for a heart attack, the hospital stay may be longer. 

What are the risks of an atherectomy?​

Risks for this procedure are low, but there is always a risk as with any surgery. These risks include embolization, bleeding, bruising around the incision, infection and perforation, but these complications are pretty rare.

Is anesthesia used?

Local anesthesia is used for the atherectomy procedure. 

How is the recovery after surgery?

Recovery times may vary, but it can take several days before you can return to normal activities.

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