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No-Scar Surgery (SILS)​

No-Scar Surgery (SILS)​​​ Overview

SILS surgery, may also be known as no-scar surgery or single port keyhole surgery, is an innovative technique to perform the surgery laparoscopically with virtually no scarring. The technique is commonly performed in the patient’s navel (belly button) via a 20mm incision.

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SILS vs Laparoscopic

The difference between SILS and traditional laparoscopic surgery is that SILS involves only a single entry point while traditional laparoscopic surgery has about 4-5 incision points. By minimizing the number of incision points, the benefit to SILS includes less postoperative pain and better cosmetic results.

Limited Availability

SILS may not be for everyone and is limited to availability since not all surgeons have been trained to perform using the SILS technique. Also not all procedures are available in the SILS options. Ask your surgeon to see if it is right for you. Dr. Frederick Tiesenga has almost a decade of experience involving the single incision laparoscopic method. Schedule an appointment to see if you qualify for the SILS minimally invasive option.

Benefits of SILS

  • Less painful after surgery
  • Lower recovery time
  • Lower Risk of infection
  • Less invasive when compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery
  • Virtually no visible scar as the incision is through the belly button
  • Less bleeding

Complications of SILS

  • Infection may occur
  • Common surgery complications such as:
  • Injury to organs / Bleeding
  • Hernia
  • Adhesions
  • Conversion to open surgery due to complications

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